Shri Sai Sales Corporation

Shri Sai Sales Corporation has over 10 years of experience in trading food commodities to hospitality and consumer sector and passionate about exceeding expectations of their clients.

“We believe in Supply quality products in the best prices”

In our portfolio we have multiple brands and quality of rice, including our specialty which is 1121 Creamy Sella Basmati Rice Commonly known as Sella rice. This Hybrid variety of rice is categorized under Basmati rice by Indian Govt for its wonderful length of the grain, separation of grains, excellent yield and taste. Every grain of rice is almost 18-20mm in size after cooking. This rice is in huge demand in exports and widely exported to all over the world.

Sona Masoori  (also, Sona Masuri, Samba Masuri, BPT 5204 and many others) is a medium-grain rice grown largely in the Indian States of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In the State of Andhra Pradesh, in native Telugu language, this variety rice is called as Bangaru Theegalu (meaning ‘Golden Ivy’). Sona Masoori rice is lightweight, aromatic and form one of the staple diet for varied natives. This premium quality rice is consumed locally and exported to Middle Eastern European and South Asian countries and has a fan following for its taste and aroma that lasts its lifetime.

Our portfolio states back by our experienced partner having their vast experience more than 37 years in the industry.

Our Brand oasis rice is a well-known brand in the market across India and many other countries of the world. Our portfolio includes supplies to almost all big chains of 5-star, 7-star hotels, hospitals, restaurants, sweet shops etc in India and the world.

Our Brand is Committed to complete consumer satisfaction and brand is processed by partner having an ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and GMP approved company.


We follow our mission and tag line “FUTURE OF INDIAN FLAVOUR” and passionate about exceeding your expectations with assurance of quality standard.

We deal in the customized/personalized bulk packs for all the basic spices.

Generally, all our Argo commodities are sourced from growing centres and from wholesale markets. We always keep a check on the trends and practices of specific Argo commodities and monitor various parameters, quality checks like the different variety of seeds used, seasons most suitable and sustainability techniques used in producing and processing of material.

Our supplies are procured from well-known manufacturers and suppliers with food grade certification consisting of product MSDS and certificate of analysis.

Pack Size available 1 KG / 2 KG/ 5 KG /10 KG


Shri Sai Sales Corporation is among the leading wholesale traders of Dried Saffron, Iranian Saffron, Natural Saffron, etc. Saffron aroma is often described by connoisseurs as reminiscent of metallic honey with grassy or hay-like notes, while its taste has also been noted as hay-like and sweet These saffron are broadly appreciated among the clientele for their hygiene, rich taste, high nutritional content and natural flavour. Saffron is highly used as an anti-carcinogenic, antimutagenic properties and antioxidant and boasts of immune-modulating.

Our products are recognized for lower price and accurate composition of required compounds. These products are broadly used in the market. Our transparency embedded trade and longer time relation with all valuable clientele make us customer centric in the market.

Impressive Health Benefits of Saffron

  • A Powerful Antioxidant
  • May Improve Mood and Treat Depressive Symptoms
  • May Have Cancer-Fighting Properties
  • May Reduce PMS Symptoms
  • May Act as an Aphrodisiac
  • May reduce heart disease risk factors
  • May Reduce Appetite and Aid Weight Loss
  • May improve eyesight in adults with age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • May lower blood sugar levels
  • May improve memory in adults with Alzheimer’s disease


Brands of saffron we deal in: –



 Pack Size available 1 GM / 5 GM / 25 GM / 50 GM

Shri Sai Sales Exim Limited, CANADA

Shri Sai Sales Exim Limited, CANADA based Supply Company. We are a team of professionals who

understand what our customer needs are and fulfill their requirements in an appropriate span of time at affordable price. One of our directors, well experienced and living in the country for last 40 years, holds a rich experience in selling the commodities.

We believe in “Supply quality products in the best prices”

We Deal in Rice, Saffron, Spices as per the customer’s requirement.

We serve Customers from Big Retail Chains, Wholesale Markets, and Large Importers who buy and sell material to other countries. We also serve Groceries Chains, the Hospitality Sector (Including Restaurant and Aviation), Big Institutions and corporate sector/Institutional buyers directly from the market.

We will be holding a sizeable warehouse for storage and distribution of material to the Canadian Market. The warehouse will be equipped according to all CFIA guidelines and standards. Moreover, we will be maintaining the hygiene standards according to HACCAP and ISO Guidelines.

We will be having an in-house Professional and experienced sales team to manage the Canadian Business; our operational team is well experienced to manage the operational requirement within Canada and maintaining co-ordination with our Indian subsidiary as well as external clients.


Our export policy is devised to satisfy the growing needs of our worldwide customers with best quality of Indian rice. We accept minimum order for one 20 ft. container of 20 metric ton capacity and it is primarily on the mutually agreed payment terms preferably on 100% L/C payable at sight, or at 20% advance payment and balance 80% on D/P basis. The sample or the batch of the product is shipped within 24 hrs of the payment. Payments can be made through cheque, credit card or cash. We ensure that all the products are delivered promptly and safely within mutually agreed duration at the customer’s destination.


    • Premium quality of Basmati rice, Spices and Saffron
    • Fully committed to timely delivery & Strict Adherence to Quality.
    • Well experienced in serving specially hospitality industry and maintaining customer satisfaction
    • Procurement from Well-established renowned partners serving industry from more than 5 decades
    • Trade partners and stake holders are well equipped with high standard Infrastructure
    • Excellent packaging having User friendly and environmentally safe attribute
    • Competitive Pricing, can be modified according to customer requirement/volume.

Quality & Certifications

We are a quality conscious organization and fully aware of the responsibility that we have in this Argo commodity business. We ensure that every single batch dispatched from our end carries with it the true aroma, taste and suppleness of the Indian rice. We understand the importance of hygiene, processing and packaging in the rice. Accordingly, we and our partners believe in mechanized processing, which means that at no stage, is the rice touched by bare hands. As a testimonial to our commitment to quality, our partners have been awarded with NS-EN ISO 22000:2018/ISO 22000:2018 for excellent quality management system.

Strict quality control is exercised at each stage of operations viz. at unloading stage of the procured goods, at processing stage, at bagging the cargo from the rice heap, and the pre-shipment analysis. The complete process is carried under the strict vigil of scrupulous quality control professionals. Further, we ensure that we and our trade partners are maintaining hygienic processing and modern packaging methods to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.

Quality Control

Shri Sai Sales corporation is fully committed towards food safety and hygiene. Our company is holding an ISO 22000-2018 and HACCP Accreditation from AMERICAN BOARD OF ACCREDITATION SERVICES (ABAS)
We believe in providing quality and the competent product with exceptional and personalized service to our clients, each and every point the quality is getting verified and shipped as per requirement of customers.
After the selection, audit and checks, the rice, spices and each product go through the process of quality control to ascertain the consistency.

Our partner has professional, highly qualified technicians to adhere to strict quality control measures. The R & D department is constantly developing new techniques and processes to further improve the quality of rice that is packed and sent all over the world. The modern machinery used in the manufacturing process and the computerized lab with sophisticated R & D equipment help us in achieving our organizational goal- to give the best quality basmati to our customers all over the world.